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Inspired Women
Community Grant

Applications January 1st, 2023 - March 15th, 2023

When you're not at your best, your business suffers. Women Funding Women has a multi-faceted mission to propel you to success and wellness simultaneously. Ambitious and collaboration minded women who thrive in all areas of their lives, not just their businesses. 

Grant Awarded May 22nd, 2023
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Women Funding Women investing in the holistic health of women entrepreneurs

”We're determined to support American women entrepreneurs as they seek and find success without sacrificing their mental and emotional health. And we're doing it together!”

- Tiffany

Founder of Women Funding Women

Women Funding Women is a 501(c)3 Public Charity 

All donations are tax deductible

Investing in the holistic health and success of America's entrepreneurial women.

We work at the critical intersection of ambitious women and mental & emotional health. We are creating a community of women leaders who prioritize wholeness and success simultaneously.  We strive to go beyond charity to community: We are a new, learning, organization that listens to past and present data, and the voices of women themselves to constantly evolve and improve the way we work. It is our mission to bring holistic grants, services, and programs that support the minds, bodies, and businesses of entrepreneurial women across America. 

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The WFW Initiative

Sustained by and dedicated to America's most inspired women entrepreneurs. 

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The BUSINESS is Only As strong as the WOMAN behind it...
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