Inspired Women Community Grant by Women Funding Women

It is our overall mission to pour into the lives and businesses of America's entrepreneurial women. We are determined to make your journey to success fuller and more fulfilling by encouraging collaboration, promoting holistic health, and investing in the things that make balance achievable.  


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Grant Eligibility 

  • Women who reside in the US

  • Household income of $50,000 or less annually

  • Has had a legally registered business for 12+ months

  • Willing to implement a way to "Pay it forward" in their business model


to help you reach your personal and professional goals

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In Partnership with our
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Submitting your application is as easy as answering a few questions eligibility questions and submitting a 60-second video about yourself and the goals you have for your business..


Applicants, sponsors, community and board members, cast their votes on whom they believe the grant should be awarded to. And, Yes! Your family and friends can participate!


The Board of Directors reviews applications, video submissions, and poll results to make a final decision on who will be awarded the IWC grant. 

The Inspired Women Community Grant can be used to cover or contribute to:

Business Expenses: Software, equipment, computers, marketing material, advertising budgets etc.

Educational Costs (tuition & fees, books & supplies, equipment, school & activity fees)


Health & Wellness Expenses: Therapy, Counseling, Coaching, or Mentorship

Private Physical Health Instruction ( yoga, meditation, personal trainer)

Advancement Expenses: National Professional & Empowerment Events
Tradeshow Vendor/Participation Fees



Pay it Forward

How to meet

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We are on a mission to change the way American women succeed. That requires a change of habit, a change of heart, and in some cases a change in perception. It's imperative to encourage a collaborative and supportive mindset within the community we're creating because we believe you and women like you are the most valuable asset and most powerful ally. With that in mind, to be eligible for the Inspired Women Community Grant you are required to implement support for other women in business in your usual business activities. While that may sound like a big ask, here are a few simple ways to get it done.

Become a Mentor

Plan, volunteer, or provide sponsorship for an event that benefits women entrepreneurs

Offer women entrepreneurs discounts on the products or services you provide.

Offer free or discounted masterclasses, workshops, courses, webinars, and other resources 

Use your voice and share your knowledge by being a speaker or panelist at a charitable event for women

Make a donation to an organization that benefits women in business.


& the list continues! While most of the examples above cost you nothing, they mean everything to the women who need what you have to share. If we all give a little...we can change alot.

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