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While entrepreneurship can be taxing in a society that has identified and still not addressed the inequality that has been coined the "gender gap", women are consistently exceeding expectations and showing higher returns on investment. Regardless of the conditions presented, women have and will continue to strive to create the lives they desire. But how is she doing? Winning, striving, reaching...for sure. But how is she feeling? Is she battling burn out, depression, anxiety, isolation, perfectionism, imposter syndrome, etc. alone? Is anyone reminding her to breathe and enjoy her wins? How is she managing her stress? Is she...managing her stress? Doesn't that matter?


Our organization was built on a strong, yes. It not only matters, but it's also most important. 

The "Necessary Conversations Campaign" is a small but vital part of our plan to pour into the entrepreneurial women in America who need it most. First, we want to know how you're doing, how you're dealing, and what we can do to help. That information is invaluable when deciding what programs, initiatives, and events to create and where to focus our resources and attention. 

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To show our appreciation for you taking a few moments of your time to tell us how you're doing we've teamed up with MASTERCLASS to offer our community:

1- year membership to masterclass.com absolutely fee 

We've made it possible for you to use your "Necessary Conversations Survey" to enter for the chance to receive that free membership.  There's absolutely no purchase necessary! We'll just add 3 questions to the end of your survey to be sure you qualify per the terms and conditions of our partner Masterclass.com.

It's the time they take to encourage women entrepreneurs to create balanced lives. I don't know of any other organizations that are asking me if I'm okay.

Jessica L. 


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NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Participation in the Necessary Conversations Survey does not guarantee that you will be selected to receive a FREE MASTERCLASS membership. You must meet certain requirements as stipulated by our partner's terms and conditions to receive the membership.  

Women Funding Women will be giving MASTERCLASS memberships to our community until August 20th, 2023 or while supplies last. If you're not selected to receive a membership via the survey, keep your eyes peeled for alternate opportunities.