Angela Romero

Hello Stranger is a Latina-led entertainment and hospitality collective. Our online marketplace offers Hello Stranger merchandise for sale. Our production division offers video and audio production, location scouting, filming, editing, and equipment rental. They also produce experiences ranging from music pop-ups to open-air markets where local vendors are promoted and merch is sold. Our Media division highlights local businesses to promote growth in our community and also compiles important news and information. Our Hospitality Division is a culturally inspired restaurant and music venue that will offer unique food and cocktail options while also offering nightly shows. We demonstrate our commitment to community through existing programs such as neighborhood cleanups, volunteering time and resources to existing community advocates, and free and inclusive experiences to the public. As one of the few minority-owned and women-owned businesses in the low-income corridor of Little Tokyo, Hello Stranger provides jobs for the community and nurtures the arts with its nightly shows.

If awarded this grant, I would make staffing my priority. While Covid has forced a reduction of hours, it has been my endeavor to keep providing jobs in my community. With funding, Hello Stranger could add additional positions with a similar wage structure to the previously mentioned premium wage roles. These jobs translate to growth in our community. Along with the ability to hire, comes our ability to position members of the team in operations roles to ensure Hello Stranger runs as efficiently as possible. Another pressing matter is the ability to purchase equipment and supporting technology for our upcoming restaurant. This space will provide an "open table" for the community.

To cast your vote for Angela, all you have to do is like this post! It's free and easy to show your support. Thanks in advance.

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