Lara Days

Lara Days is a certified nutrition coach, personal trainer, yoga instructor, and sports nutritionist who is on a mission to dismantle the diet industry and empower people to live their happiest, healthiest, most confident lives! Lara focuses on helping you improve your mindset, unlearn your past conditioning, and trust your body so that you can find food freedom, ditch diet culture, and step into your power! The work we do won't just change your relationship with your body -- it will change the way you show up in every aspect of your life.

If I'm awarded the IWCG I will pay off debt!!

I actually already host free monthly workshops! I've also thought about making them donation-based and giving money to an organization that's doing important equity work.

To cast your vote for Lara, all you have to do is like this post! It's free and easy to show your support. Thanks in advance.

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