Mariah Benoit

A unique bakery that specializes in fruit frosting for cupcakes and custom cake orders. Sweets By MJB also offers the "build-your-own" cupcake experience in-store so customers can add as little or as much frosting as they'd like. The bakery started off as an idea/dream that soon turned into a reality. Baking began as trial and error in the kitchen with making different recipes and making a mess, this has now become a career and lifestyle with hopes of a cooking book just for beginner bakers. I enjoy baking because it taught me everything will be okay as long as I bake it out and cry it out. When I lost my father and grandfather in the same month it hurt me badly, I could only bake and it brought me through every obstacle since.

I'd use the grant to provide working capital for the growth of Sweets By MJB to hire more staff, increase current employee's hourly rates, expand further, and give back to the community. I'd love to hire many minorities who haven't had a job or lack opportunity and become a mentor and possibly their employer in an effort to encourage a brighter future. The grant can also impact my business long term by gaining financial stability and growing the company. Sweets By MJB plans to have a location in 50 states providing the same dedication to my customers, employees, and community.

Sweets By MJB will pay it forward because It's imperative to encourage all women and individuals. As a 22-year-old young woman, it makes me happy when I see people admire me and look up to me. I want to mentor and help collaborate with anyone who wants to make a change and make a difference in life and in their community. I’d like to host women in business events like business showers where new business owners get together to celebrate their businesses as well as share tips and ideas that may help their businesses grow. I also plan to help women on a mission to have a Brick and Mortar by sharing the knowledge and resources I've gained on my journey. As a woman, I believe we should stick together and build one another up! Offer classes, discounts, and volunteer to sew into each other whenever we can.

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