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The initiative's general-purpose is to do everything within our power to maximize the health and success of women entrepreneurs. It is apart of that mission to collaborate with women-owned brands that share in our passion to support women and put them in spaces where they are a highly-valuable resource. 

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Perfect for you if..

  • You serve professional women

  • You have valuable content to share

  • You'd benefit from genuine feedback

  • You'd benefit from warm leads regularly

  • Quarterly Grant Opportunities 

& You'd benefit from

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We have built our Initiative around the belief that your connection to each other, as well as your ability and willingness to provide value to other women, is not only invaluable but vital to your personal success. With that in mind, we invite you to be an instrumental part of the uniquely collaborative, educational, and motivational environment dedicated to the holistic health of women entrepreneurs.

How it works

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Record your masterclasses, webinars, workshops, instructor-led courses.

Submit your content along with any necessary materials such as worksheets, workbooks, or quizzes.



Once your content has been reviewed & approved we'll share your magic with  our community of ambitious entrepreneurial women.

The Benefits of sharing

Honest feedback and reviews from real people 

Receive warm leads that keep you connected to the people who need you!

Approved Content Creators earn a free membership to the

Inspired Women Entrepreneur Network and gain access to valuable resources that include quarterly grant opportunities 

You can be an asset to our mission by  allowing America's entrepreneurial women to benefit from your time, your knowledge, and your unique skill set. We work with professionals across the country to provide high-quality workshops, webinars, courses, masterclasses, coaching, counseling, mentoring, and events.


Be a  speaker, panelist, or ambassador! Be something we've never heard of before- because we're always open to hearing new creative ways to collaborate! You are one of the world's most valuable resources. You can be an asset by just being you.