Terms of Use

As a potential member of the WFWI Network it is important for you to understand not only our passion and purpose but our policies. Please take a moment to read the following information. We reserve the right to update our terms and conditions at any time without notice, so be sure to check this page frequently.


All members will pledge $25 per quarter (EVERY 3 MONTHS).

80% of that pledge will go directly into the WFW Initiative fund located on gofundme.com. We encourage our members to be an active part of our private fundraising activities because the more we raise the more we are able to give. This is not a requirement of being a member. The only criteria one must meet to be a member of the WFWI B2B Network is being a woman, legally owning a business, and submitting your pledge each quarter.


Pledges are collected from each new member during registration. You will receive an invoice every quarter for your pledges in the future.  Failure to submit your pledge will result in the immediate termination of your membership. Terminated memberships will be eligible for reactivation 3 months after termination with a $50 reinstatement fee.

Terminated members are eligible to apply for the WFW Community Grant awarded to non-network members once a year. 


We use your membership registration as your grant essay when determining our grant finalists. Member's of the network are then given the opportunity to vote on the business owner that is awarded the grant from the finalists selected. If the grant is to be given at a WFW event,  members will use their android devices to enter live votes. Grant Finalists are given the opportunity to write a final statement to promote themselves and their need.  


If you are a member that is awarded a grant you will be ineligible to receive a new grant for 1 year from the date of your last award. No new registration is necessary although we will contact you to update your information if you are chosen as a finalist/

You may opt out of membership due to this ineligibility, however, members who do so will not be able to re-register nor will they be eligible for the WFW Community Grant given once a year to non network business owners.  


Non members will have to go through the grant application process each quarter to be eligible. Your application will be archived after the Community Grant has been awarded. 


Your pledges are nonrefundable. The only exception to this policy is that you were charged twice in one quarter due to a technical difficulty with our payment processor. If you were charged twice please send a copy of your bank statement that shows two charges within one quarter to womenfundingwomenintitiative@gmail.com.

We will verify the issue with our payment processor and process your refund


Don't just join! Participate. Your participation and passion behind the cause is what makes our network a successful one. Once you become a member you become an advocate for the cause. If you see a fellow woman in business who could benefit from joining our network refer them and be eligible for bonuses and other prizes. More members mean more grants for members. 


Together, We Can!

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