Why WFW?

"How amazing would it be if you paid for a monthly subscription like Amazon Prime and became a part of a network that takes a majority of that money and invests it back into your business and the businesses of other women?"

-Tiffany Monique (Founder of The Women Funding Women Initiative)


Because of our members, The Women Funding Women Initiative is able to take your bare minimum,  multiply it by a number that grows with every woman that joins the cause, and give back value that far exceeds your investment.  

Our grant award process is exciting and empowering for every active member and our grant program is holistic in that we approve grant funding for business, educational, and wellness related expenses. 


This initiative takes a look at the entrepreneurial woman in her entirety. You are your business and we believe it's important to support and encourage the woman you are in order for the brand 


Women Funding Women empowers women entrepreneurs across the country.  We strive to provide value that is energizing, current, and immediately relevant to any woman in business for herself by executing unique events, discounts, insight, and opportunity that connects, inspires and champions women regardless of their industry.

Join us if you want to:

  • Connect with like-minded professional women in a network created just for you

  • Encourage and empower women across the country by investing in their brands

  • Support diversity, unity, and financial stability among entrepreneurial women.

  • Give back by mentoring, coaching, or counseling your tribe.

  • Find a mentor, coach, or counselor to support your advancement.

  • Celebrate women's accomplishments in the industry as they celebrate you.

  • Be awarded grants and gifts in kind toward your business, education, and wellness.